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Hire an Attention-Grabbing Voice Without the Hassle

With a powerful, articulate sound, voice-over artist Jason Fredregill brings your words to life

Hire an Attention-Grabbing Voice Without the Hassle

With a powerful, articulate sound, voice-over artist Jason Fredregill brings your words to life

Voice-over artist Jason Fredregill speaking into a microphone

You Don’t Have Time to Waste

You need the right voice, and you need it now.

Your timeline doesn’t have room to spare when it comes to hiring a voice artist, booking studio time, and recording the perfect audio for your project.

This time, it doesn’t have to play out that way.

Simplify the VO Process and Move Your Project Forward

When you hire Jason for your voice-over project, you don’t have to worry about back and forth with agents, studio expenses, or time-consuming retakes.


Book Right Away

Visit our convenient online dashboard to start your project and begin working with Jason.

Professional Studio and Equipment

You don’t have to worry about scheduling or paying for studio time, as Jason records in his personal studio.

One Rate, Multiple Takes

Instead of reviewing a single take and determining if retakes are needed, Jason records multiple versions to ensure you get the perfect take.

Jason Has Spent Most of His Life Doing Voice Work, Starting With a Daily Radio Show at Age 14.

What ApexxVO Clients Say About Working With Jason

“I’ve used Jason’s voice-over talent for a variety of my projects. I produce educational videos for the agricultural and science community and Jason has exceeded my client’s needs for professional sounding videos. He can work with a garden variety script and make it sound low-key NPR style or upbeat and charismatic. A few of my scripts have had highly scientific verbiage which demands precision which Jason handled with ease, and delivered them quickly. He has a natural, rich-sounding baritone that will add a lot of depth and gravity to any production. I will continue to use his talents in the future and highly recommend him for any voice over you’ll need.”

Brad Mills
Backyard Farmer Executive Producer

Nebraska Extension Almanac Radio Producer

“Jason did the voice on our telephone system. His pleasant and understandable voice has been complimented many times. We appreciated how quickly this project was completed!”

Karen Alstott
C&S Wild Bird Specialty Products

“I’ve used Jason on several video projects. He comes prepared, is easy to collaborate with during recording sessions, and is a pleasure to work with. Just listen to his demo and you’ll hear why I recommend Jason for any voice projects you may have.”

Shawn FitzGerald
Digital Storyteller, Studio Iowa

“Jason did a voiceover for a radio commercial for us on short notice. He was professional and easy to work with. We were very pleased with the results!”

Curtis Detmering
Owner, Herold Trailer Sales

“Jason did a radio announcement for our scholarship program and did an amazing job.  Trying to describe a wide variety of scholarships geared toward many types of students could have been daunting, but the copy he put together was cohesive and informative.  His delivery of the radio announcement was pitch-perfect for our high school students and their parents!” 

Cindy Todd
WDMCS Student Scholarship Fund

Ready to Get Started?

1. Book a Voice-Over Project

Getting started is easy. Select your project, share your script, and pay a small up-front fee using our convenient online dashboard.

2. Review Takes from Jason

Once Jason receives your script, he gets to work recording multiple versions for you. Visit the online dashboard to listen to and approve your audio and make final payment.


3. Grab (and Keep) Attention with a Dynamic Voice

Move forward with your project with all of the audio Jason recorded for you. Whew, that didn’t take long at all!

Why Wait Any Longer?
Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life.